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Information & Installation

The enclosed materials cover the general installation and precautions required when installing and maintaining an OILCO Liquid Handling Systems loading assembly. Take all due safety precautions when assembling and operating these units. Handle all components with care. And if there is something unique to your assembly that is not covered in this guide, please contact the factory. Please reference the following as a guide to assist installation contractors and operations personnel.

General Disclaimer

Warning: Always be sure to properly ground the loading assembly and any associated container or transport vehicle. Product flow causes static electricity. Any failure to ground may cause an explosion, damage, and / or bodily harm.

Warning: Keep all body parts and non-essential equipment away from the assembly during operations. This includes the inlet connection area and all pinch points. Failure to do so may cause unnecessary damage or bodily injury.

Caution: All operators and maintenance personnel should wear proper personal protective equipment at all times. Failure to wear any required or suggested protective equipment may result in injury.

General Description

Testing Procedures

Warning: If the unit is assembled complete prior to connection to the inlet flange, use a suitable lifting mechanism and secure the unit safely before it is raised to any elevation. Failure to do so may result in damage or severe injury.

Caution: Advise all personnel to remain at a safe distance while only trained individuals release the unit from its secured position, allowing it to come to rest under its own power and spring tension.

Operations & Maintenance

Note: A lubrication instruction data sheet is provided with all OILCO Liquid Handling Systems equipment. This information should be retained with onsite records for maintenance and operations reference.

Note: Corresponding spring balance adjustment procedures are provided with all OILCO Liquid Handling Systems assemblies. This information should be retained with onsite records for maintenance and operations reference.

Loading Arm Installation Procedures

General & Adjustment Instructions

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